180° UTP Punch Down Patch Panel

  • Supports the flexibility with an optional cable management bar

  • White silk-screening port numbers and write-on site

  • 6-port RJ45 modules applied for 12, 24 48, 72 and 96-port panel

  • Guaranteed channel and perm link margin with approval cable

  • It is configured in a 180° configuration such that the punch field is in the back, allowing for rear termination


180° UTP Punch Down Angle Type

  • Modular ports at a 45° angle facilitate the cable flow and provide more cabling room

  •  With PAT series, the cables are routed down, not only saving you with space, but also protecting from ruining your cables by neglecting the bend radius

  • Panel face can be customized to feature any design, color or logo


180° UTP Punch Down Patch Panel

  • Particular PCB design secures Category 6 component- rated standard

  • Exclusive pair separation towers make untwisting cable pair easier

  • Conductor retention feature holds conductors solidly in place during termination

  • Pair separation towers facilitate separation of conductors. Available for 22 ~ 26AWG. Compatible with 110 and KRONE

  • With cable support bar or holder ring

KJ Panel.jpg

Keystone Patch Panel

  •  Improving accessibility: termination field is closer to installer for easier termination

  •  Low profile: offering more aisle space in small closets

  • Designed to easily route cables into vertical cable managers, reducing the need for horizontal, front cable management bars​